Our Story

Auddia was founded in Boulder, CO, with a focus on developing innovative audio technologies.

Over the past decade, our team has worked tirelessly to develop and test our patented artificial intelligence technology.Our mission is to revolutionize the way people interact with audio content.

Our flagship product, the faidr Superapp, delivers ad-free, AI enabled AM/FM, exclusive content and programming, and podcasts to consumers.

We’re publicly traded on Nasdaq. Current and prospective investors can visit our investor website here.

Our vision: The Premier Audio Superapp

Imagine a world where you could access every desired bit of audio content and even contribute your own programming without having to open ten different platforms. The faidr audio Superapp will be that one-stop destination where radio, podcasts, music, audiobooks, and social communities coalesce within one seamless application, available on all devices, across the world. Our technology roadmap is and has always been in service to bringing this vision into reality.

our vision

We’re committed to the evolution of audio.

We’re reinventing how publishers and consumers interact with this dynamic medium.

We want to make music and podcasting  intuitive and easy, with more enhanced listening experiences.

We believe users should engage with content creators, each other and their local communities, even in a digital world.

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