First of its Kind

The ONLY Premium AM/FM Experience: AI-driven, Ad-free, High-margin.

On average, AM/FM radio stations play over 16 minutes of commercials per hour. At Auddia, we believe those 16 minutes per hour are an opportunity.

Through a monthly subscription, faidr lets users choose what they want to hear during their radio station’s ad breaks, using proprietary and patented AI technology.

Because the bulk of AM/FM content exists on public feeds, faidr can deliver hours upon hours of audio at a much lower cost than its competitors.


Ad-Free AM/FM

AI Driven. Ad-Free.
faidr’s AI algorithm is the first of its kind: an engine that can classify audio content types and action on the findings in real time. It can differentiate between DJ talk, ads, and music. When faidr’s AI detects an ad break, it delivers preferred content, chosen by the user. When the station’s ad break ends, faidr resumes playing the selected station’s programming through a smooth, seamless transition.


Any AM/FM Station, Anytime

faidr is the only premium radio streaming app to fully recreate the radio dial. Unlike competitor apps that only offer their own stations or partner stations, you can stream any US or Canadian station in faidr.

Exclusive Content

Music Casts

If podcasts and playlists had a baby.
Users can enjoy passionate hosts, and guest stars, as they dive into a variety of topics surrounding music, pop culture and more – with full-track songs woven into every episode. Auddia’s proprietary streaming system allows full-track plays alongside long talk segments, providing new and established music podcasts an alternative to only playing snippets of songs.

Exclusive Content

Music Stations

Hours of ad-free, faidr curated stations.
Music stations offer listeners interruption-free music streaming. No ads, no DJs – just music. Users can select by genre, decade or enjoy new music discovery through the Discovr program.

Exclusive Content


Mainstream exposure for up-and-coming new artists.
faidr infuses the radio-listening experience with new music from emerging and independent artists, as a part of our curated Discovr program.



A light-weight and intuitive platform for podcast listening.
True crime, lifestyle, sports – faidr has it. In the coming months, Auddia will bring its larger podcasts platform to faidr, including digital feeds and supplemental content offerings.


Two-Tiered Approach

faidr users can access all premium content by subscribing or listen to ad-supported AM/FM and podcasts for free.


Ad-supported AM/FM and podcasts


Unlimited Podcasts

Comedy & Shortcasts

Live Radio with +5,200 Stations

Full Listening Control

Premium Music

AI Enabled Listening


AI-enabled ad-free AM/FM, podcasts, and faidrRadio programming


Unlimited Podcasts

Comedy & Shortcasts

Live Radio with +5,200 Stations

Full Listening Control

Premium Music

AI Enabled Listening

How faidr works

Our ability to deliver Ad-free AM/FM is the result of a proprietary and patented artificial intelligence system that classifies audio and then serves preferred content, automatically switching between the radio's public feed and faidr's internal library.

A.I. + DAR = Margin

Functioning much like your TV's digital video recorder (DVR), only for audio, the faidr app records selected AM/FM public streams in real time. The A.I. engine of faidr, leveraging the mobile device's processing power, provides users the ability to listen to AM/FM, ad-free. The result:
users can listen to hours upon hours of content at no cost to Auddia, making for previously unseen margins in the audio-streaming space.

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